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Beauty Cape Gallery offers wig services including selling and applying wigs, wiglets, toppers, hair extensions, wig fitting, and styling.  Beauty Cape Gallery can also special order wigs.  Wigs allow full coverage of the client's head and hair.  This service is designed to replace missing hair and/or be a fashion item for religious or social reasons.

Beauty Cape Gallery offers wig fittings which includes a consult form to measure clients head to make sure sizing and color are correct.  We have a detailed color ring to match clients true hair color or the desired hair color.  We have numerous wigs in stock in various colors and styles but can special order any wigs and usually arrives a week after ordering.  Most wig prices run between $80 and upwards but Beauty Cape Gallery also charges a $50 fee for the fitting services which can also include any cutting or styling.

Special styles with net bases allow "integration" of the client's own hair with the wig hair or fiber.  A pick is used to piece out client's hair to blend in with the wig.  For medical insurance purposes, a wig is also known as a cranial prosthesis.  

There are three types of hair or fibers used to create a wig.  The first being synthetic, it is best used for off scalp application techniques.  Fibers require minimal care of maintain and are relatively inexpensive.  

Most synthetic fibers are designed to stay and look the way they were purchased and will not accept a permanent wave or color change.  They are maintained using only water soluble based products, like baby shampoo and are air-dried, since synthetic material may melt with the application of heat or styling tools.  Synthetic is lighter than 100% human hair and more comfortable for cancer patients.  

Rooted Euro Collection of wigs offer cutting edge cuts feature the latest coloring techniques using multi-faceted tones with darker color depth at the root.  

Very chic and natural looking!

Versa Fiber wigs are made from Kanekalon Futura fiber for a natural looking texture and bounce.  Heat stylable up to 350 degree.  Once heat has been applied, the curl pattern will remain even after washing..until a heat styling tool changes the pattern.

Fiberfusion wigs are a premium blend of human hair and paramahair which feels and styles just like real hair. .  Heat stylable up to 338 degrees.

Lace front wigs offer the most natural looking hairline with off the face styling options.  Hand tied poly silk mesh extends a bit onto the forehead and virtually disappears against the skin.

Monofilament wigs give the illusion of natural hair growth directly at the scalp.  Fibers are hand tied to a poly silk mesh at the front, a defined part or crown for realist parting. 

Beauty Cape Gallery also offers volumizing toppers for thinning hair.  Toppers are offered in three different lengths as well as heat stylable up to 350 degrees.

The second type is from animal fiber called "yaki."  It may be made from any combination of animal hair which Beauty Cape Gallery does not offer.

The third type is 100% human which is the most preferred and most natural source.  It can be chemically serviced and styled the same as the client's own hair.  A special "remy" processing techniques tags and aligns the cuticle from each hair in one direction, allowing for strong color hold and less matting of this more expensive type of human hair.

It is extremely important to know the material, a wig is made from, since it will affect the method styling and care it is given.  Beauty Cape Gallery also offers wig care techniques to maintain your wig.

To identify the type of hair from unknown sources, pull a few strands from the test strands from the test sample and hold them to a flame for a "burn test."  Human hair singes and smells like sulfur.  It will burn completely, leaving a residue like white ashes.  Synthetic fiber melts and smells like burnt plastic, curling up and forming small plastic beads at the ends that feel hard between fingers and thumb.

Beauty Cape Gallery will teach clients how to fit their wig to their head shape and face frame.  We also teach clients how to style their wigs and scarfs.  Wigs can also be returned for washing and styling and client can pick them up later on the day.

Beauty Cape Gallery is always looking for wig or scarf donations to their wig bank.  This would be a great way to help Cancer patients to Look Good and Feel Better.  Beauty Cape Gallery participates in the Look Good, Feel Better Program and will help patients obtain wigs or scarfs at a lower rate and most times free of charge.


Wig Fitting Fee $50.00

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