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Tape In Human Hair Extensions

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Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery specializes in applying Halocouture Tape In Human Hair Extensions.  Tape In Extensions are a permanent way of adding length, volume  or enhancing color to your hair.  Halocouture Tape In Hair Extensions are applied to your natural hair with a medical grade adhesive that can be easily removed and re-applied every 6-8 weeks.  Halocouture Tape In Hair Extensions come in 49 colors including 23 original, 7 balayage, and 9 rooted colors.  Halocouture Tape In Hair Extensions can quickly transform your hair without the time consuming and harmful effects of bonding, sewing, and gluing.  Halocouture Tape In Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair and can be heat styled safely up to 360 degrees.  Halocouture Tape In Extensions can also be colored.  Halocouture Tape Ins also come in balayage and rooted colors.  Adding balayage Tape Ins give your hair the lightened look without chemical damaging your natural hair.  Halocouture Tape Ins come in three different lengths:  12", 16" as well as 20" 


12"  Original   $192.00                   Balayage   $232.00                   Rooted   $215.00

16"  Original   $216.00                   Balayage   $260.00                   Rooted   $238.00

20"  Original   $260.00                   Balayage   $295.00                   Rooted   $280.00

Free Consultations

$25.00/hour application and removal fee

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          Beauty Cape Gallery 

              69 Fifth Street

          Bangor ME  04401



Open 8am to Noon Saturdays         

              Specializing in                         Hair Extensions & Wigs


Image by Jez Timms
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