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Wigs Galore!

Wigs Galore!!!

Whether you are looking for curly, straight, wavy or beach waves....or a bob, pixie or a wedge...consider Beauty Cape Gallery for all your Wig services. Beauty Cape Gallery specializes in Wigs and Wig services and is able to assist with the Wig fitting procedures,styling and Wig care. Wigs have become very popular, even if you are not experiencing hair loss and some insurance plans cover Wig services. Wigs have improved with many different features. Beauty Cape can help you determine what type of style and color would compliment you. So whether looking for a new hair color, besides being a major confidence boost, the right hue can brighten one’s face and even out skin tone. Wigs are offered in 36 different colors, many with highlights as well as low lights. Many of the latest Wigs can be safely heat styled now to create different styling looks. Beauty Cape Gallery can also mail out a catalog per request. So if you are interested in Wig services, please consider Beauty Cape Gallery where there are no double booking appointments and your privacy is always maintained….

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          Beauty Cape Gallery 

              69 Fifth Street

          Bangor ME  04401



Open 8am to Noon Saturdays         

              Specializing in                         Hair Extensions & Wigs


Image by Jez Timms
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