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Beauty Cape Gallery specializes in Wigs and Wig Services. While watching Downton Abbey, Mary walked out of the salon, with the famous The Bob. I love reading the history of this famous haircut. The Bob has changed during the many decades and today can be styled in so many ways. The Bob is a symbol of the independent and spirited woman. Strong women throughout history have been defined by their Bob hairstyle in the 20th century, the style became a popular part of the modern style. Prior to the 1920s, long hair was a symbol of femininity and beauty while short hair was considered rebellious and objectionable. Women would not cut their hair in order not upset the men in their life. However, with the women’s suffrage movement and increasing feminism, times changed. Beauty Cape Gallery offers many of these different Bob wigs in many different colors. Give Beauty Cape a text at 207-951-6725 or email to schedule your appointment to discover The Bob.

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