Fabulous Ponytails!!

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery is an authorized Halocouture Gallery located in Bangor, Maine.

Halocouture Ponytails are 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions. Halo Ponytails come in numerous colors and many with high and low lights for that added dimension of colors. The Halo Ponytails are approximately 16” in length so depending on where the natural ponytail is placed, determines the length of the Halo Ponytail. Some clients like the high Ponytail that swings naturally while other clients want the lower length. Halo Ponytails are great for wearing to work or out for the night on the town. Halo Ponytails are also wonderful for creating updos as well as braiding styles. If you would like to see or try on a Halocouture Ponytail, please send me a message at paula@beautycapegallery.com to schedule a free consultation! Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery also can mail out a free Halocouture catalog showing all the different extensions...Text me today at 207-249-0431..

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