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Deep Conditioning Treatments with Head Massage

With Winter finally coming to a close, this is a nice time of year for a Deep Conditioning Treatment. Winter has such drying effects on your hair, especially if you love to highlight and use heat styling tools. I deal with many ladies that have thinning hair issues, I highly recommend Deep Conditioning Treatments with Head Massage at least once a month or even weekly to stimulate new hair growth. Hard water and styling products with alcohol or even wax, can also cause thinning hair. I always recommend a good Clarifying Shampoo before starting any Deep Conditioning Treatment as the Clarifying Shampoo removes all product and daily living residues. Clients can mix different Salon Based Conditioners, some keratin and even some olive oil in a bowl and apply over the entire head while your hair is wet. I always recommend All Nutrient Products as they are 100% Vegan. Clients can leave the entire mixture in their hair while in a towel or even apply a plastic cap for as long as time allows. You can run the blow dryer over your wet hair to give the mixture some warm moisture. Once the mixture has enough time to penetrate the hair cuticle, take off the towel or plastic cap, and start a nice head massage. You can massage your temples working to the back of the neck and all around your head. Rinsing hair with cool or luke warm water is wonderful for your hair also. I always recommend towel drying your hair, but not to use the towel to cause friction while removing water, this can cause hair breakage and even hair loss. There is nothing like having a Deep Conditioning Treatment with a Head Massage to bring life back to your over processed hair. Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery specializes in Deep Conditioning Treatments and Thinning Hair Issues..Consultations are always free...Have a wonderful Hair Day!!!!

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