Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery specializes in Human Hair Extensions and is an authorized Halocouture Hair Extension Gallery. Many women looking into purchasing Hair Extensions, whether for the first time or a regular client, are not looking for length, they are simply looking for more volume. Adding a Human Hair Extension creates more voluminous density to your hair. The volume creates more styling options such as braids, updos, ponytails, or even just leaving your hair down blowing in the summer breezes. Halocouture comes in numerous lengths, styles and colors including the balayages. Halocouture Extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions that can be removed as easily as the halos are attached with a comfortable wire. Halocouture Hair Extension Consultations are always free at Beauty Cape so email me at paula@beautycapegallery.com and we can get your voluminous on!!!!

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