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Color Wheel

Do you ever watch the Home Improvement Shows and watch them decorate the interiors of homes? I love to watch them decorate and see what colors they choose and see what they mix and match to go with all the different colors..Makeup is very much the same thing! Learning what goes with what is very similar..With the fall season approaching, ladies are wearing more fall colors such as brown, reds, and greens. Depending on what season and what colors you are, makes a huge difference in makeup. Ladies with brown eyes can wear a more variety of shades of eye shadows while ladies with blue or green eyes are a little more limited. I do not know if your Moms ever told you it is not proper to wear “white” after Labor Day, but there are the same stigmas with makeup such as blue eyes ladies should not wear blue eye shadow. I personally do not wear blue eye shadow with my blue eyes but for some ladies, the blue shadow looks just great...So remember learning the color wheel is similar to Christmas, NY Knicks, and LA Lakers. All of these colors are opposite and therefore look great together such as red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow.. Color is a perfect way to express yourself so go play with makeup to determine what colors look fabulous on you!!

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