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Wigs for Kids Program

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery is proud to be part of the Wigs for Kids Affiliate and Ambassador Programs. Wigs for Kids is non profit agency helping kids with hair loss issues. Beauty Cape does not charge for hair donations. Hair needs to be at least 12” in length and free of perm, color-treated, or highlights. Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery harvests hair donations but also is very proud to be part of the Affiliate Program with Wigs for Kids. Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers an application process and can help a “kid” obtain a human hair prosthesis. The process is completely free to the family. Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers:

  • Measuring and ordering a hair system: Assist the child in filling out the application with required information.

  • Personal profile: Create a personal profile for a child at their consultation visit.

  • Measurements and fitting caps: Take detailed measurements of the child’s head.

  • Style and color selection: Work with the child to determine the best style and color.

  • Delivery and cut-in: Learn how to perform a quality control check, prepare the hairpiece for application, application/cut/style of the hairpiece and maintenance techniques to review with the child and his or her family.

Summer time is a great time for a new look and Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers dry cutting techniques for a special new style. So consider Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery for any hair donations and if you know of any child that would love a human hair prosthesis, give me a call or text at 207-478-5677.

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          Beauty Cape Gallery 

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