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Insurance Coverage for Wigs

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery specializes in wig services. But most people do not know that wigs may be covered under health insurance policies. Clients should be aware that not all insurance companies cover wigs; however, many do. Your reimbursement will depend on your particular policy. It is important to check into the details of your coverage before consulting for a wig so that you are well-informed about the amount of out-of-pocket expenses.

Some insurance companies may pay up to 50 percent, and others, like Anthem which has recently changed its rules, may pay up to only $400. Many times, reimbursement really will depend on your individual/family health insurance policy. There are no guarantees, as not every company reimburses, but Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery will assist clients in preparing insurance forms or filing an insurance claim. Insurance carriers refer “wig” as “medical cranial prosthesis”. Some insurance carriers require a doctor’s prescription. Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery will provide a written receipt for clients to submit to their health insurance carriers. Some health insurance carriers require a specific diagnosis on the prescription stating the need for the wig treatment. Always remember to contact the health insurance carrier before scheduling any consultations to determine what exactly is covered under the policy as well as any precertifications. Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers free consultations with all our wig services. We have numerous wigs currently in stock and we can special order any wigs from our many catalogs. Give us a call or text today at 207-478-5677 or email at to schedule an appointment.



Common code for Wigs = S8095

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) for wigs = A9282

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