Coloring Halocouture Hair Extension Services

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers Halocouture 100% Human Hair Extensions which can be colored. Recently had a client that wished for a gray colored Halocouture Hair Extension to match her existing hair color. The Halocouture Hair Extension was matched, colored and ended up being perfectly blended in her existing hair style. Halocouture Hair Extensions are offered in numerous colors and levels some with high and low lights. Due to being 100% Human Hair, Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery can offer more natural colors including the reds, auburns, burgundies, eggplants, mahoganies, chocolates, caramels, and many more through our All Nutrient Hair Coloring processes. Clients can schedule a free consultation to determine what color, level and sizing best suits their personal needs and styling...

Give me a call or text today at 207-478-5677 for any questions or to schedule your appointment…

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Image by Jez Timms