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August is Hair Harvesting Month

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month. Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery is an authorized Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, as well as Children with Hair Loss salon. All three non profit organizations help children with human hair replacements and care kits. Locks of Love is the most familiar organization to many people.

Locks of Love provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Locks of Love’s guidelines are that hair has to be at least 10” or longer, free of lightener, but gray, permed and colored treated hair is acceptable. Locks of Love will mail out a certificate for the client.

Wigs for Kids provides hairpieces for children but their guidelines are the strictest as hair must be at least 12” and cannot be colored treated, lightened or permed. Beauty Cape is also an Affiliate as well as an Ambassador through Wigs for Kids Programs. Through the Affiliate Program, Beauty Cape will process paperwork as well as measurements to order a Hair Replacement for a child. Wigs for Kids does not mail out any certificates. Wigs for Kids does offer Girl Scout patches.

Children with Hair Loss is also an non profit organization established in 2000. They also help children under the age of 21 obtain hair replacements free of charge, annually. Their program accepts all hair types including colored, lightened, permed, layered, and gray. Only 8” of hair will help this great program. Children with Hair Loss will mail out a certificate that can be framed as well as t shirts, bracelets, and patches can be purchased. Beauty Cape will also help a child obtain a hair replacement through their program.

So if you would love to help one of these great organizations, please consider harvesting your greatest gift, being your hair at Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery…

Give me a call or text today to schedule your appointment. Harvesting hair is completely free but any additional cutting for styling will be the regular hair cutting fee...

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