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Halocouture Offers Hair Extension Care Products.  The Halocouture Hair Extensions offers the Hair System Kit which includes Revive Shampoo, Intense Therapy Hair Mask, Replenish Conditioner and the Serum Hair Polish.  Halocouture also offers Silk Spritz Luminous Hair Oil and Flexible Finishing Hair Spray which both are sold separately.

Hair Kit which includes Revive Shampoo, Intense Therapy Hair Mask, Replenish Conditioner, and Serum Hair Polish

Revive Shampoo is rich and moisturizing, ultra-gentle cleansing shampoo that removes dirt and residue while reviving your halo hair extension.  Designed and formulated to extend the life of your Halocouture while protecting and preserving your Halocouture's color and condition.  Revive Shampoo is sulfate free, paraben free, and sodium chloride free.  The Revive Shampoo has anti oxidants, UV Protectants and strandGuard complex that protects from harmful environmental factors.  An invigorating, exotic blend of Tropical Coconut and Soft Peach gives hair a rich, sensuous, and light fragrance.

Intense Therapy Hair Mask helps to restore the strength, resilience, and shine of your Halocouture.  Safflower Seed, Olive and Avocado Oils saturate the halo with moisture-rich lipids, leaving your Halocouture incredibly smooth silky.  Natural Plant Proteins and Peptides reinforce structure and improve strength while adding a protective barrier to seal the hair shaft.  The Hair Mask is a concentrated deep conditioner that revitalizes and restructues your Halocouture to give a radiant youthful appearance and sily soft touch.

Replenish Conditioner is a luxurious, deep penetrating conditioner that replenishes moisture while strengthening the hair shaft and sealing cuticles to lock in shine.  Specially formulate to bring extensions back to life, this rich emollient conditioner softens coarse brittle hair that has been damaged from hot tools and color treatments.  Replenish Conditioner protects and extends the life of hair extensions with StrandGuard Complex, Plant Proteins, Peptides, Shea Butter, and Organic Extracts.  Hair is left feeling silky and smooth with long lasting hints of Tropical Coconut, Soft Peach, Sheer Vanilla, and White Jasmine.  

Serum Hair Polish is a smoothing hair polish serum that is an ultra light blend of exotic Amazon Oils, Organic Extracts, and Black Cacao.  The Polsh Serum is sulfate free, vegan formula that eliminates frizz, static and softens hair for a silky, shiny result.  Heat Wave Technology activates the ingredients, allowing the Serum to set more deeply into the hair shafft, creating a glass like shine.  This non-greasy formula is light in fragrance with luscious notes of Water Hyacinth, amazon Lemon, and Berry. 

Silk Spritz Luminous Hair Oil is quick absorbing, weightless mist that eliminates frizz and gives your Halocouture a lustrous, sleek look.  The lightweight oils from the Amazon protects your Halocouture with heat activating ingredients that guard against thermal styling.  HeatWave Technology protects the cuticle and hair shaft by locking Peptides and Proteins, effiveley conrrolling the struct of each strand.  Rich in vitamins and minerals, Silk Speirz dramtically reduces drying time and adds softness and luminous shine.  This vibrant, soft fragrance is a natural blend of Water Hyacinth, Berry, and Brazilian Rosewood.

Flexible Finishing Hair Spray is a dry, workable spray that provides medium hold and tremendous shine.  Designed as a styling spray to provide flexible hold, it helps lock in moisture and shine with organic, natural extracts.  Alcohol-free formula never flakes or dries out the Halocouture Hair Extension, leaving the hair brushable for restyling and movement.  The natural plant proteins and peptides condition with each application, control static, and resist humidity.  This finishing spray is perfectly complimented by the subtle fragrance of Soft Peach, Gardenia, and Jasmine. 

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Image by Jez Timms
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