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Halocouture Human Hair                            Extensions












  The Fall is 100% Remy Human Hair.  The Fall gains its popularity for the versatility if offers,   transforming fine hair into a natural, voluminous look.  The Fall conceals hair loss and new   growth between color services, while adding length and fullness instantly.  The Fall is color   safe, deposit color only.  The Fall can be heat styled up to 360 degrees.  The Fall add length   and  volume at the crown.  The Fall is perfect for thinning hair issues.  The Fall conceals grey   or new growth.  The Fall enhances or can change color.  The Fall conceals short layers or   flawed haircuts.  The Fall is placed at the crown of the head.  The Fall is secured by four   comfortable clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free.  The hair is   hand tied into a breathable weft, which allows it to be re-directed to blend with your natural   hair.  The Fall instantly transforms your hair with added depth and volume in a matter of   seconds!

  The Fall is offered in 23 colors and 5 New Balayage colors  

  B4/27, B6, B622, B14/24 as well as B116  

  The Ponytail is 100% Remy Human Hair.  The Ponytail is color safe, deposit color   only.  The Ponytail can be heat styled up to 360 degrees which allows you to curl as   well as straighten.  The Ponytail adds instant length and volume.  The Ponytail is an   extension designed to create the long, voluminous ponytail.  The Ponytail attaches   with a small comb and a section of hair wraps around to conceal the hair tie.  The   Ponytail is non damaging to your hair.  The Ponytail is lightweight and versatile,   allowing you to create any look you desire!  The Ponytail is wonderful for that   special up do or for that special braid.  Ponytails are a fun way to express yourself   with your own creativity.  The Ponytail comes in 23 original colors and is 16" long....

Halocouture Original is 100% Remy Hair.  Original Halo is equal to a full head of hair.       Original halo can be colored with deposit color only.  Each original halo comes with a comb   and extra miracle wire.  Original halo adds instant length and volume.  Original halo can be   and removed easily.  The Original Halo are heat safe up to 360 degrees.  The Halo attaches with   a comfortable miracle wire.  Whether you want to extend your hair length, add volume or   enhance your hair color.  The Original Halo comes in four different lengths 12", 16", 20", and 24".  The Original Halo is the perfect hair extension for everyone. 

  The Original Halocouture comes in 23 different colors and four different lengths:

  The Layered Halo has become the most popular hair extension.  The Layered Halo are   specially designed with 2-3 built in, gradual layers to help with the blending process.  The   Layered Halo has 30% more grams than the Original Halo.  The Layered halo provides   more volume and denseness.  The Layered Halo with their flowing layers help shorter   styles to transform into gorgeous long hair.  Layered Halo are 100% Remy hair and can   also be colored and heat styled up to 360 degrees.  The Layered halo comes in three different lengths:  14", 18" and 22".  The Layered Halo comes in 23 different colors.

  Halocouture Prism Tape In Extensions are comfortably secured with a non-slip, medical   grade adhesive.  The tabs stay locked in place until the extensions are ready to be removed.     Halocouture Tape In Extensions are offered in 10 different colors along with 10 rooted colors. 

  Prism Colored

  Prism Colors (10 different colors):  


  Pink Sapphire  

  Rose Quartz  


  Blue Topaz  


  Royal Sapphire  



  Ultra Violet  

  70% Remy Human Hair, 30% Synthetic  

  Medical Grade Adhesive  

  No Heat Application      Color Safe, Deposit Only  

  Add Fun Accent Colors  

  No Chemical Damage  


Prisms are heat safe up to 320 degrees.  Prisms add fun colors and also last 6-8 weeks.  

  12 per pack ( 6 sandwiches)  

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Image by Victoria Priessnitz
Image by Grigore Ricky

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