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Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers hair donation services.  Hair Donation Harvesting Services are free of charge.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery handles the hair harvesting donations including shipping and paperwork.  Clients have three different agencies to choose from including Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids as well as Children with Hair Loss.  All three agencies have different rules and guidelines so clients can view each agency and determine which ones bests fits their needs and desires.  

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers dry cuts only for harvesting.

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery is an authorized Children with Hair Loss studio.  Children with Hair Loss is a non profit organization created as a resource for all children who have a medically-related hair loss.  Their goal is to assist as many children as possible in changing their lives by improving their outlook and empowering them with self confidence.  Children with Hair Loss requires only 8" of hair and hair can be gray or colored treated.  Children with Hair Loss provides a beautiful certificate via mail after receiving the hair donation.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery will also assist in the Hair Request Application including sizing and all paperwork. 


Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery is an authorized Locks of Love studio.  Locks of Love is a public, non profit organization tht provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.  Hair has to be at least 10 inches in length and free of lightener.  Locks of Love will send clients that donate a certificate to frame.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers this service free of charge.  Locks of Love accepts gray hair while Wigs for Kids does not.

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery is both an Affiliate and Ambassador Salon for Wigs for Kids.  Through the Ambassador Program, Beauty Cape will harvest ponytails free of charge as well as mailing the hair directly to Wigs for Kids.  Through the Affiliate Program, Beauty Cape will also measure and order a hair system, measuring and fitting caps, determining style and color selection as well as delivery and cut in services.  Wigs for Kids requires at least 12 inches of hair.  Beauty Cape does not charge for harvesting and mailing in pony tails but if you are looking for a precision hair cut afterwards, then we do charge the hair cutting fee.    

Bring in a picture or look through one of our many hair books to consult if this new haircut would be a great new look for you according to your face shape, life style and structure.  We can perform all styles includng the popular wedge, pixie, and all the many bob cuts for women and girls.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery has all the latest tools for styling such as marels, crimpers and straighteners.  Also popular are the feathers which can be attached to finish out a great style.  These feathers come in many different colors and are attached to a small piece of hair at the root area using a latch hook.  The feathers can be worn for a month or until the next cut and style.


Feathers  $10.00

          Beauty Cape Gallery 

              69 Fifth Street

          Bangor ME  04401



Open 8am to Noon Saturdays         

              Specializing in                         Hair Extensions & Wigs


Image by Jez Timms
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