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Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers all hair coloring services including foiling,

balayage, ombre, all over base color, and fantasy coloring, and peak boo's.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery uses All Nutrient hair color and lightening system.  All Nutrient is certifiably organic hair color that is brilliant, long lasting, 100% gray coverage and zero fadage.  All Nutrient hair color provides incredible tones with shimmering translucent shades.  While other color lines have a "muddy" appearance,  All Nutrient gives a more natural looking color.  All Nutrient offers 75 different colors, levels and shades.  


Beauty Cape offers soap capping which is a technique to lighten hair color up to at least

two levels.  This is a corrective color technique used to lighten and brighten your hair color due to progressively darker ends.  Hair color should be applied to regrowth area only and the apply color to the entire head for the remaining last five minutes and the hair color will come out perfect every time.  

Ombre hair coloring is a beautiful technique for longer hair lengths.  Ombre is having a lighter or darker hair color on the bottom part of your hair, whether it is blondes, red, or even soft browns.  Once the area is chosen to start the ombre process, simply back comb the area at least two times to create a more natural look.  The back combing prevents a lot of demarcation.

Balayage is a french name for sweeping color onto the hair.  This technique is used to

create a "Y" in hair using lightener and placing plastic wrap between layers of your hair.  Applying color and lightener during the same processing time, will add dimension to hair color.

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery also offers purple, teal, blue cobalt, orange, fuchsia, silver, pink, and crimson red fantasy coloring.  Add a few highlights of something different or for a special event such as "pink" for October breast cancer awareness month.

There are so many different coloring techniques offered at Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery.


10 Face Framing Hair Painting Balayage $30.00

Permanent  Full Head Base Color $60.00

Root Touch Up $45.00

Single Process Ombre $50...Double Process Ombre $100.00

Peek a Boo $40.00

Soap Capping $60.00

Full Head Balayage $60-$100 depending on hair length

Fantasy Colors are also available

          Beauty Cape Gallery 

              69 Fifth Street

          Bangor ME  04401



Open 8am to Noon Saturdays         

              Specializing in                         Hair Extensions & Wigs


Image by Jez Timms
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