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Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers makeup application services, special occasional up do's and glamour shots including bridal makeup.  Beauty Cape also offer individual makeup application lessons.  


Glamour Shots can be either glamour or fantasy makeup application.  This is an exciting and fun way to express yourself.  After completing hair and makeup application, Beauty Cape will take numerous photos and will upload pictures onto a flash for the client to keep.  


Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery has numerous spacious English gardens for those outside photography needs.  Beauty Cape offers hair accessories, hair and facial glitters, and gems to enhance the glamour experience.

Another special makeup service that we provide is bridal makeup.  We will provide bridal consultations and makeup applications on your wedding date.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery only offers Bride Services within the gallery and does not travel.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery uses only cruelty free and vegan makeups.  Applications include Les Cosmetiques air brushing including concealers, foundations, and blushes.  Air brushing is a flawless way to apply makeup for those up close wedding album pictures.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery prefers natural colors for its bride such as pinks and/or peaches for a more softer look but can also do the black cat eye effect along with false eye lashes for a more dramatic bride look.

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery offers free consultations to go over every detail of the wedding including pictures of hair styles and makeup techniques.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery specializes in up dos as well as hair styling.  Hair can be worn down or up, braids or soft curls.  We also use hair pins and other hair accessories to complete the updo.  Consultations can be done in the gallery, email or via mail.  Consultation forms go into details including wedding theme, colors, flowers, gown type, veils, hair pieces and so much more. Beauty Cape also is interested in working with your photographer to obtain a few pictures for our social medias as well as our gallery bridal wall display.

Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery also offers up do services for that special event.  We also specialize in prom occasions as well as providing those special accessories for your hair.  We can add tinsel or apply hair glitters for that extra touch for special events.

Determining face shapes is an area to analyze in order to apply and use our corrective makeup skills.  While all hair is pulled away from the face, a full view of the person's hairline will determine the face shape and know where there is a need for correction.  The oval face shape is the ideal shape for overall balance, this requiring no corrective contouring makeup.  The main objective is to create the illusion of an oval face shape for all clients.  Face contouring is when light and dark colors are positioned to counter balance a facial feature or shape.  Face contouring is applying corrective makeup to any face shape other than an oval shape.

We use many different cosmetic lines such as Too Faced, BH, NYX, and Mirabella.  We also have our Masters in Makeup Artistry as well as Masters Internation Makeup Professional through QC Makeup Academy.  Beauty Cape Hair/Makeup Gallery is a ProArtist with Mirabella Cosmetics, House of Lashes, NYX as well as Les Cosmetiques.   We specialize in corrective, bridal, catwalk and glamour makeup applications.

Determining the skin color, plus adding in the elements of hair and eye color, along with a person's features will influence your color choices and help to personalize the makeup service.  Makeup along with up do's make the perfect combination package.


Glamour Photography Shot  $50.00

Prom and Special Event Makeup Application  $30.00

Prom and Special Event Hair Styling  $25.00

Makeup Lessons  $40.00

Eye Lash Application  $15.00

          Beauty Cape Gallery 

              69 Fifth Street

          Bangor ME  04401



Open 8am to Noon Saturdays         

              Specializing in                         Hair Extensions & Wigs


Image by Jez Timms
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