Prism Tape In Extensions  

  Halocouture Prism Tape In Extensions are comfortably secured with a non-slip, medical   grade adhesive.  The tabs stay locked in place until the extensions are ready to be removed.     Halocouture Tape In Extensions are offered in 10 different colors along with 10 rooted colors.

  Prism Colored 

  Prism Colors (10 different colors):  


  Pink Sapphire  

  Rose Quartz  


  Blue Topaz  


  Royal Sapphire  



  Ultra Violet  

  70% Remy Human Hair, 30% Synthetic  

  Medical Grade Adhesive  

  No Heat Application  

    Color Safe, Deposit Only  

  Add Fun Accent Colors  

  No Chemical Damage  

  Prisms are heat safe up to 320 degrees.  Prisms add fun colors and also last 6-8 weeks.  

  12 per pack ( 6 sandwiches)  




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Image by Jez Timms