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Beauty Cape Gallery

 Beauty Cape Gallery is an   authorized Halocouture Hair   Extension Gallery.  No beads,   No  glues, No Tapes..Removal   comfortable miracle halo wire.   Human 100% Remy Hair   Extensions  

 Beauty Cape Gallery   specializes in Halocouture   Hair Extensions.  Send me a   message    to schedule an   appointment

Beauty Cape Gallery offers hair extension services.  Beauty Cape Gallery is an authorized Halocouture Hair Gallery. Halocouture Extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions. Halo Extensions require no tape, clips, glues, weaves or beads.  Halos are attached by a miracle extension wire placed over the head and natural hair is pulled over extension wire.  Halo Couture Extensions can be taken out daily and Beauty Cape Gallery will teach clients how to apply.  They come in 23 different colors including many with highlights as well as low lights.  Halocouture Extensions are the basic equivalent to a full head of hair, adding about 70-120 grams of hair.   Halos come in originals, layered, falls, ponytails as well as prisms.  


Originals Halos come with no layers and are offered in 12", 16" 20" and 24"


Layered Halos come with layers and are offered in 14", 18" and 22"


Fall Halos transfers fine hair into voluminous natural looking hair.  Falls are attached by four comfortable, silicone coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free.  


Ponytails are an unique extension designed to create the long, voluminous up styles.  Ponytails easily attached with a small built in comb and a section of hair wraps around to seamlessly conceal your hair tie.  The Ponytail is light weight and versatile, allowing you to create any look you desire!   

              Beauty Cape Gallery        



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